Intelsat Launches 45cm Antenna Class – Digital Ship

Intelsat has launched a small 18-inch antenna class for its FlexMaritime service that brings new levels of broadband connection performance and affordability to recreational, fishing and light merchant vessels around the world.

The small size of the antenna makes it easy to install and can be carried on board by hand. The antennas can also be easily connected to the Intelsat FlexMaritime network, which offers fast data speeds of up to 6 x 2 megabits per second (Mbit / s) and everything from access to online weather forecasts in real time to live streaming of the “catch-of.” -the “enables -day” on social media.

45 cm terminals from KNS and Intellian are qualified for the Intelsat FlexMaritime network. They are supplied with a separate or integrated antenna control unit (ACU) and a modem operated by ST Engineering iDirect. Connectivity is ensured by the powerful Intelsat FlexMaritime network, which offers unparalleled, multi-layered global coverage over more than 140 satellite beams.

“Our new 45 cm antenna class at FlexMaritime is a new, highly innovative offering in the maritime market,” said Shane Rossbacher, director of maritime products at IntelSAT. “By combining the new 18-inch antenna technology with FlexMaritime’s global HTS satellite network, we have given smaller commercial and recreational vessels easy and inexpensive access to the same great connectivity using a smaller, more affordable antenna form factor.”

“With Intelsat’s new 45cm FlexMaritime antenna class, users everywhere can get unmatched performance with ubiquitous coverage, so more ships around the world can take advantage of the high-throughput capabilities of Intelsat’s global network,” he added.

Last year, Intelsat and its beta partner KNS completed extensive testing of the new 45cm service, which included fine-tuning the design and algorithms to meet FlexMaritime requirements. At the beginning of this year, extensive sea tests were carried out on board the Esvagt Innovator, an emergency and rescue vehicle. The 45cm service provides consistent and reliable performance.

“We carried out extensive tests and test drives of the 45 cm service from FlexMaritime with the KNS C4 antenna, and the service consistently met or exceeded our performance expectations. In fact, our crew stayed connected during the tests in very rough sea conditions, ”said Kim Martinsen, CEO and co-founder of Seasat A / S, a partner for the Flex45 beta launch solution.

Providers of maritime solutions can purchase Intelsat-qualified 45 cm terminals directly from KNS or Intellian or from their sales partners.

Intelsat FlexMaritime services are offered exclusively through Intelsat’s network of FlexMaritime solution partners, including Flex45’s beta launch partners Seasat and World-Link Communications.

Intelsat FlexMaritime services are available in easy-to-use monthly or annual service contracts. Wholesale end-terminal package models offer a choice of monthly plans based on gigabyte volume and no long-term usage commitments. In addition, Intelsat solution partners’ Service Management Portal provides complete visibility and control over their end-user packages.

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