Isotropic Methods will obtain over $ 40 million in funding to speed up the expansion and improvement of a novel multi-beam antenna earlier than launching in 2022

The round brings together equity and supports the UK government and market leaders in aerospace and telecommunications. SES led the round with the participation of specialist space investors Orbital Ventures, the UK Government’s Future Fund and existing investors Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures, Space Angels and Firmament Ventures. Demand for the oversubscribed round was driven by recent development orders for Isotropic Systems’ transformation terminal, advanced testing over the air, and the accelerated development and launch of the Phase 1 terminal expected in early 2022.

With the funding, Isotropic Systems plans to accelerate the production phase in good time to support new constellations and satellites launching in all satellite orbits from 2022. Isotropic will also open a 20,000 square foot technology and testing facility near its headquarters in Reading, UKThe company will create an additional 150 highly skilled engineering roles in the UK over the next two years.

Isotropic Systems’ patented radio frequency optics technology enables the high performance multi-beam antenna to connect to multiple satellites in multiple orbits at the same time without compromising the performance of each connection. This industry is first tapping into the global satellite ecosystem for unparalleled connectivity in a wide variety of markets including government, defense, shipping, corporate, and aerospace. As companies such as OneWeb, Inmarsat, Intelsat, SpaceX, Amazon, SES and Telesat introduce several new space constellations, innovations in space must go hand in hand with innovations on the ground and in the air.

“Isotropic Systems is extremely well positioned to usher in a new age in high-performance, multi-orbit connectivity with our next generation multi-beam antenna,” he said John Finney, Founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems. “With satellite constellation after satellite announced for launch in the coming years, our technology is unique in that it enables service providers and end users to get the most out of the many thousands of satellites that fly into orbit with a single satellite. ”

Integrated terminal that is capturing the demand for the entire satellite industry, radically changing the way bandwidth services are delivered to end users, and far exceeding the capabilities of a single satellite system. This unique, cost effective solution has enabled us to draw world class investment support from our industry which in turn enables us to generate significant export revenues for the UK economy and the satellite sector as a whole. As we expand our UK based team, collaborative partnerships and capabilities, we pride ourselves on supporting UK technical innovations to resolve connectivity issues in a variety of key vertical and geographic markets around the world. ”

UK Science Secretary Amanda Solloway MP said: “The UK space sector is thriving and since connectivity has never been more important it is important to support pioneering companies like Isotropic Systems who are taking advantage of the benefits space technology can bring to all of us on earth. With support from the UK government, these new multi-beam antennas will improve connectivity for all of us at home and to new technologies like driverless cars, while helping create 150 high-quality jobs in the UK as we rebuild better. “

SES CEO Steve Collar: “We at SES believe that the extraordinary in space for amazing experiences on earth and for amazing experiences requires innovations in the entire ecosystem. That is why we are building our next generation system, O3b mPOWER, together with innovators like Isotropic Systems. The multi-beam antenna from Isotropic plays an important role in our multi-orbit strategy and is a key prerequisite for advanced satellite services on land, in the air and at sea. Our investment reflects the potential we believe this breakthrough technology has for SES and for the Industry as a whole. “

Brian Schettler, Senior Managing Director of Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures: “Our continued investment in Isotropic Systems underscores our commitment to strengthening the global satellite ecosystem. The development of Isotropic’s unique RF optical technology will further accelerate the expansion of space connectivity to the to meet growing growth. ” Demand for satellite data, transport and mobility connections and broadband services. “

According to Orbital Ventures / Promus Ventures, partner Gareth Keane“At Promus Ventures, we invest in early-stage deep tech companies with exceptional teams and breakthrough ideas and technologies. Promus Ventures is excited to support Isotropic Systems through our space-focused Orbital Ventures fund. Constellations and startup companies are already getting a lot of attention with their disruptive products and services, and now key areas like ground connectivity are likely to attract the next wave of investment and this UK company is leading the way. “

About isotropic systems
With offices in the UK and US, Isotropic Systems is developing the world’s first fully integrated, high-bandwidth, low-power, multi-service, high-throughput terminals designed to help the satellite industry move beyond traditional markets and acquire new customers with a complete suite of high-throughput services . The company’s team of industry experts and scientists pioneered the development of satellite terminals. The result is a series of terminals that can be customized to meet the performance, cost and performance needs of a myriad of applications – from the most complex government defense systems to mobile backhaul solutions from extending 5G to next-generation connected experiences on board Commercial aircraft, cruise ships, offshore oil rigs and even small fishing boats at sea. More information is available at

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