Isotropic Techniques is elevating $ 40 million for a satellite tv for pc antenna that may profit from new constellations – TechCrunch

UK-based Isotropic Systems has raised $ 40 million in an “oversubscribed” round to bring the next generation broadband terminal into production by the 2022 target. The funding, a Series B that brings the company’s total to $ 60 million, was led by SES and included participation from Boeing HorizonX, Space Angels and Orbital Ventures on the venture side, as well as support from UK government grants .

Isotropic’s business is focused on a newly developed type of broadband terminal that can communicate over multiple frequencies and allows connection to more than one satellite network at the same time without compromising signal quality or network speed for a single connection. The end product would then provide a ground connection to customers who could potentially maintain connections to more than one of the emerging satellite broadband networks in development, including those being established by OneWeb, SpaceX, Intelsat, SES, Amazon and others.

The startup will open a 20,000 square meter test and prediction facility near Reading in the UK and expects the first operational version of its ground terminal to be in production by 2022. If the final product works as advertised, it could be a big one, which is beneficial for both satellite network connection providers and customers as customers who can afford the service do not have to choose from the options available and can instead use a hardware solution, to connect to multiple options Take advantage of the potential speed benefits as well as network redundancy.

The benefits are obvious, provided the finances make sense. For example, imagine using WiFi on board on an international flight. Typically, these networks have been unreliable to say the least. Coverage and quality outages are common, and speeds tend to be slow in the best of cases. Networks like Starlink aim to fix many of these older problems. Even better, however, would be a solution that allows you to connect to multiple satellite networks at the same time and, if necessary, alternates between the individual connections to maintain the best possible network quality – and possibly combine the available bandwidth, if possible, to increase speeds.

Isotropic’s potential customer list for such an offering spans military, government, and civil markets across both broadband and low-data IoT networks. This latest funding is set to help prove that the breakthrough technology can achieve the levels of production and efficiency needed to deliver on its promise.

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