Iteq develops high-end CCLs for handsets, IC substrates, mmWave antennas

Taiwanese CCL manufacturer Iteq will increase its business diversification and, in addition to its high-speed / frequency materials used in PCBs for servers, focus on developing high-end CCL materials for mobile phones, IC on a 5G basis -Substrates and mmWave flexible antenna applications concentrate stations and network devices, according to corporate sources.

At its most recent AGM, Iteq said it will do better on shipments in the second half of the year than it did in the first half, with the growth momentum coming mainly from upcoming replacement demand for servers with the new Whitley processors from Intel and in part from network equipment customers in the The USA, Europe and even China are likely to increase their willingness to deliver.

Iteq noted that it has shipped its samples of ultra-low expansion CCL materials for HDI and SLP (substrate-like PCB) motherboards to customers for validation and expects to complete the process later in the second half of the year. The company said it aims to enter the cell phone CCL market, which has long been dominated by its competitor Elite Material.

Iteq also announced that it has entered into a partnership with Japanese Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to develop higher quality CCL materials for IC substrates.

In expanding its presence in the FCCL segment, Iteq announced that it will develop FCCL materials for both MPI (modified polyimide) and LCP (liquid crystal polymer) mmWave antenna modules.

Iteq hopes to increase its sales and earnings development in the future through the upcoming improvements to the product portfolio.

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