Jupiter antenna that got here out of the chilly

After an eight-day high-frequency cryogenic test at ESA’s ESTEC Technical Center in the Netherlands, the instruments are checked on the way to Jupiter’s orbit.

ESA’s Juice Mission submillimeter-wave instrument explores the swirling atmosphere of Jupiter and the bad atmosphere of the Galilean moons.

The tests were carried out in Lorenz, ESA’s bespoke cold near-field terahertz chamber.

The first chamber of its kind, Lorenz with a 2.8m diameter chamber, you can combine space-quality vacuum with ultra-low temperatures to perform high-frequency, high-frequency tests under realistic space conditions.

“After the intensive test phase, we successfully tested the flight hardware in Lorenz,” says Paul Moseley, antenna engineer at ESA. “This demonstration opens up a variety of test options for future missions.”

The flight model of the Juice space probe, the mother of the SWI instrument, has now arrived at the ESTEC test center to prepare for a month in a thermal vacuum. Test movement.

Hot and cold space radio tests

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Quote: Image: Jupiter’s antenna (June 1, 2021), which came from a cold region, was published on June 1, 2021 at https://phys.org/news/2021-06-image-jupiter-antenna-cold. Obtained from .html

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Jupiter antenna that came out of the cold

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