KBR wins NOAA contract for $ 51 million for house climate antenna community

Space Weather Follow Mission On-Lagrange 1. Photo: Ball Aerospace

KBR has won a new $ 51.2 million contract from the N.national oceanic and atmospheric management (NOAA) to provide an antenna network that monitors space weather. Under the contract, KBR will set up and maintain an antenna network that will send and receive data from the Space Weather Follow-On-Lagrange 1 (SWFO-L1) observatory and its ground segment.

SWFO-L1 is a mission slated to launch in 2024 that monitors signs of solar storms that can damage Earth’s telecommunications network. It delivers images and data to the National weather service for warnings and forecasts. Ball aerospace is responsible for the design and construction of the SWFO-L1 satellite. KBR’s network will provide telemetry, command and range services for the operation of the observatory.

The five-year, fixed-cost contract was announced on Thursday. It has a total value of $ 51.2 million with all options exercised.

“Accurate space weather data helps protect national security and our economic well-being. This new contract with NOAA is in line with our sustainability principles and provides us with yet another opportunity to leverage our scientific and technological expertise to build a better world, ”said Byron Bright, President of KBR Global Government Solutions.

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