KBTV modifications the channel for antenna customers

One of Beaumont’s local channels, KBTV Fox 4, is making a change to its equipment, which means viewers who use antennas to tune will likely have to adjust their televisions.

KBTV, which is produced in the same Beaumont studio as KFDM Channel 6 and shares a broadcast station in Vidor, is now broadcast by the same broadcaster as its sister station thanks to the compression of the bandwidth achieved by digital transmission.

Viewers with cable or satellite providers are unlikely to notice the change, but those using antennas will need to go to the channels menu on their TV and re-scan their available channels in order for KBTV’s new number, channel 6.3, to register.

In KFDM’s latest segment on the change, Scott Price, director of engineering, told reporter Angel San Juan that there will likely be multiple viewers to make the change.

“There is probably 20% of our market receiving us through an antenna,” he said. “That’s actually a pretty big number.”

The change will officially take place on January 1st, but a new channel won’t appear on the radio waves until February 1st. The station broadcasts KBTV Fox 4 for the month of January on both channels and gives viewers the opportunity to switch.

The broadcaster suggests viewers who need help with the transition. Visit FCC.gov/rescan for instructions on different models of TVs or call the technical support line at 409-895-4666.

KBTV 4 and KFDM Channel 6 are owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the second largest television broadcaster in the US, which acquired KBTV in 2012.



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