Korea revokes 1,700 communications tools and gadgets

(Ministry of Science and ICT)

The South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT announced Thursday that it has revoked approvals for around 1,700 network and communication devices manufactured by nearly 400 companies, including China’s Huawei and Korea’s Samsung Electronics.

The decision affected a total of 1,696 devices from 378 companies for which test protocols were certified by a body not approved by the Korean government.

According to the country’s radio wave law, communications equipment must undergo compliance assessments that assess their effects on other equipment and the human body in order to manufacture, sell, or import them.

The ministry said companies had submitted test reports that appeared to have been issued by the US office of the global testing and certification organization Bay Area Compliance Laboratories, but were in fact from their Chinese offices.

Korea only recognizes test results from the US-based BACL through an agreement with the United States and does not recognize tests from the organization’s Chinese offices, the ministry said.

Products include Huawei’s Long Term Evolution network equipment supplied to Korean wireless operator LG U + and Samsung’s wireless speakers.

Others are closed circuit TV camera manufacturer Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and drone manufacturer SZ DJI Technology from China.

The ministry began its investigation last year and held a public hearing in November attended by officials from the relevant companies. At the hearing, the companies argued that the problem was caused by a lack of understanding of the rules and they never intended or attempted to keep test records.

After the withdrawal, the companies were asked to prove the conformity of the products already sold to their customers and to recall unsold products.

By Song Su-hyun (song@heraldcorp.com)

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