Kymeta Receives FCC Approval for Subsequent Era Antennas

Redmond, Washington-based Kymeta Corp., the mobile connectivity company supported by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has received blanket approval from the Federal Communications Commission to operate its next-generation U8 antenna terminal.

  • According to Kymeta, the authorization marks an important milestone for the U8 terminal, which is currently in beta testing. Commercial release is scheduled for the end of this year. The company has also received type approvals to use the terminal from several leading satellite service operators, including Intelsat, Echostar, Hellasat, KTSat and Telesat.
  • Kymeta’s flat screen antennas were founded in 2012 as a spin-out from Intellectual Ventures and, thanks to the technology of exotic metamaterials, can be electronically controlled without moving parts. The antennas are the key to Kymeta Connect, a hybrid cellular-satellite data service that is available for turnkey subscription from US $ 999 for one gigabyte of data per month.
  • Just last month, Kymeta announced the acquisition of Lepton Global Solutions to enhance the company’s satellite service offering to the military and government markets. The privately held company also announced a Gates-led financing round of $ 85 million.

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