Kymeta Unveils Subsequent Technology U8 Antenna | information

Building on the solid foundations of the u7 antenna, the u8 has been redesigned to increase performance and adaptability, and to ensure it meets the diverse and evolving needs of customers.

The software-defined and electronically controlled u8 works across the entire Ku band. The flat, aerodynamic design allows the antenna to be attached to the vehicle structure, allowing the user to connect anywhere inside using multi-WAN and cellular configurations. It can be easily integrated into mobile platforms, uses a cloud-based portal for connectivity management and has low power requirements. With a view to the future, the antenna can also be upgraded to a LEO configuration if necessary.

The u8 is supplied with power via the iQ 200 modem card from ST Engineering iDirect, which enables important functions of the antenna. This includes high performance and efficiency with outbound and adaptive TDMA returns for DVB-S2 / DVB-S2X, secure 256-bit AES encryption, 10 and 50 MHz reference for BUC compatibility and OpenAMIP to facilitate the exchange of information between To facilitate antenna and modem for mobility applications.

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