L3 Harris demonstrates MBMM Phased Array Antenna Tech

L3Harris developed an MBMM phased array (Multi-Band Multi-Mission) ground antenna system and integrated it into the Space Force’s satellite communications network. Photo: L3Harris via Business Wire

L3Harris Technologies has successfully completed a technology demonstration for the Multi-Band Multi-Mission (MBMM) under one phased array floor antenna system Defense Innovation Department (IUP) contract. L3Harris announced Tuesday that the antenna system has been integrated with the US Space Force’s Satellite Communication Network system to demonstrate multiple simultaneous satellite contacts where traditional parabolic or radio antennas can only be connected to one satellite at a time.

The system made 16 simultaneous contacts during a demonstration US Space Force Satellites through multiple orbital regimes at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. The company said this technology is equipped to meet the demand that an increasing number of satellite missions place on the capacity of the ground system.

“The MBMM demonstrations were a complete success and demonstrated the advances in phased array technology and the relevance for satellite control and control with live DOD systems. It has reinvigorated interest in the MBMM program as a key element of overall space architecture, ”commented Col. Wallace“ Rhett ”Turnbull III, director of the Space and Missile Systems Center’s Cross Mission Ground and communications company. “Features like those recently demonstrated can play an important role in meeting the growing demand for satellite control capabilities by providing more affordable and stable access to Space Force satellite systems.”

Also in the DIU’s MBMM antenna program Lockheed Martin and Ball aerospace successfully completed a phased array transmit test in September 2020 and Atlas Space Operations Late-stage testing completed for an antenna in December 2020.

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