Laird Connectivity broadcasts enlargement of the world’s thinnest MIMODAS antenna vary for ceiling mounting to 5G | Ohio

Akron, Ohio, July 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Antenna Authority Laird Connectivity announced the 5G CFD Distributed Antenna System (DAS) series of antennas. This expands the company’s range of the world’s thinnest DAS antennas.

The CFD 5G series offers optimized performance at 698-960, 1350-1550, 1690-4200 and 5150-7125 MHz with a VSWR of less than 1.7: 1. The antenna has a PIM of up to 4200 MHz and offers an impressively low average PIM value of -162 dBc and 25 dB isolation. The two-port MIMO technology improves multipath mitigation and ensures a strong and reliable connection.

Antenna broadband means it can be used in many applications, from commercial indoor cellular to public safety, including First Responder / First Net. The antenna cover includes the popular new 4G / 5G, CBRS / C-band, LAA and LTE-U frequencies, making it a diverse and versatile antenna series.

The CFD 5G antenna series offers outstanding performance from ultra-thin antennas that are only 7.6mm thick. Hard and tiled ceilings offer a variety of mounting options that maximize mounting flexibility while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution with a small form factor.

Paul FadrovichLaird Connectivity’s Director of Antenna Product Management said, “We are delighted that Laird Connectivity can add another product to its broad portfolio that represents the company as a leader in emerging technologies such as 5G. Technology with very high quality and performance at an affordable price. The CFD 5G antenna series continues this trend. “

The antennas of the CFD 5G series come with a QR code that shows the PIM and VSWR values ​​of the antenna and the angular marking of the radome of the antenna for quick installation and optimal coverage.

Further information and a product overview can be found on the CFDDAS landing page.

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Laird Connectivity announces expansion of the world’s thinnest MIMODAS antenna range for ceiling mounting to 5G | Ohio

Source link Laird Connectivity announces expansion of the world’s thinnest MIMODAS antenna range for ceiling mounting to 5G | Ohio

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