Lance DeBoyle & Gabriella Labucci of LaNCE TV Ballarat host Channel 31 Antenna Awards

Gabriella Labucci and Lance DeBoyle from Lance TV Ballarat

LaNCE TV Ballarat has received four nominations for the Channel 31 Antenna Awards. That’s not the only good news for the community TV network. Lance DeBoyle and Gabriella Labucci from LaNCE TV Ballarat will host the Deakin Edge awards ceremony in Melbourne.

The award ceremony, originally scheduled for May 29, has been postponed due to the lockout of the circuit breaker in Melbourne. The event is now scheduled to take place on June 19th.

“Gabriella and I are delighted to be invited to host this year’s Antenna Awards at Deakin Edge. As Ballarat-based producers of C31 Melbourne, we are truly honored to be part of community television’s “Night of Nights” in this way, ”DeBoyle said in a statement.

“Community television is such an important part of our wider community. The display of culture, language, and general diversity that comes with community television will never be seen on mainstream television. Remember, we cannot be what we cannot see, ”said DeBoyle.

LaNCE TV Ballarat started broadcasting four years ago and this year has been nominated in four categories – Factual, Current Affairs or Interview Program, Live and / or Outside Broadcast Program, Outstanding Technical & Creative Ingenuity While Lockdown and Personality of the Year (DeBoyle ).

Channel 31 will be closed in June

The awards come at a difficult time as Channel 31 and other community stations are set to close later this year. The channel has been the launch pad for many of today’s television personalities, including Hamish and Andy, Rove McManus, and Waleed Aly.

“The remaining community TV stations are to be switched off by the federal government by June 30 of this year. We wrote to Communications Secretary Paul Fletcher asking for the opportunity to discuss our broadcast license period and our upcoming filings as part of his Green Paper process on media reform, ”said Shane Dunlop, General Manager of C31.

“The Minister’s Green Paper confirms that the spectrum currently used by Community TV (part of the bandwidth) will not be needed for several years. The paper also outlines a possible path for community television that will allow long-term stability and access to free-to-air frequencies. We believe community TV is free-to-air and we will make our arguments in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to Community TV’s “Night of Nights” and we’re excited to have Lance and Gabriella as hosts, ”added Dunlop.

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