LG Uplus is creating a 5G antenna module for the business-to-business service market

[Courtesy of LG Uplus]

SEOUL – South Korean wireless operator LG Uplus has partnered with Ace Technologies, a domestic wireless communications technology developer, to develop a 5G antenna module for the business-to-business service market. The module can improve the data transfer speed of a 5G communication network for drones, smart factories and other network-based businesses at a lower cost than adding more antennas.

In contrast to 5G-based B2C (business-to-consumer) models for smartphone users, B2B network models are designed to cover small areas and provide super-fast data connection for smart factories and control towers for drones via a dedicated local infrastructure. It is an expensive task for a private operator to expand the area of ​​5G coverage. When a 5G antenna is added, it also takes time to be tuned and optimized for actual operation.

LG Uplus (LGU +) announced in a statement May 5 that it has partnered with Ace Technologies to develop a high-performance 5G antenna module with monocon technology. The cellular operator said the module can be plugged into an existing network without the need for coordination. Thanks to the monocone technology, the module can transfer data up to 10 percent faster than conventional B2B 5G networks.

The digital transformation, a process for converting analog work processes into automated digital ones, has become a global trend in the corporate sector. According to data from Polaris Market Research, a global market research firm, the global 5G-based B2B market is projected to be $ 13.9 billion by 2028.

“By not optimizing or optimizing the module, 5G device manufacturers can save tens of millions of won on antenna development and time,” said LGU +, adding that the module has been upgraded to support mmWave would be. Bandwidths for wider coverage and for the global market.

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