MARCS radio system in operation | Native information

The Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) operates in Williams County.

MARCS is a 700/800 megahertz radio and data network. It uses the latest trunked technology to provide nationwide interoperability in digital clarity to users across Ohio and within a 10 mile radius outside of Ohio.

Williams County’s first responders have pledged to incorporate MARCS into their communications systems, and the county fire departments received a total of $ 270,000 in grants earlier this year to pay for the equipment.

The concrete base was recently laid for the $ 300,000 MARCS tower located on County Road D.50 near the County Bureau of Motor Vehicles office, and the system went live on Wednesday.

“It’s live and operational,” said Brian Davis, president of the Williams County Commission, on Wednesday. “If someone gets MARCS radios in Williams County, they can connect now.”

The Montpelier Police Department was the first local authority to join the system in late June and other authorities are now expected to follow suit.

“The advantage is that it gives us strong communication within the facilities in the Bryan area. Under the (old) system there were communication problems in buildings like the school and hospital, ”said Davis. “There shouldn’t be any more problems, and if there are, it should be easy to fix with a single booster attached to the building itself.

“That gives us a lot more communication and our new tower also helps Evansport and Hicksville. It helps the State Highway Patrol, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), and all entities currently using MARCS, ”Davis added.

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