Martin County plans to improve its wi-fi dispatch system

MARTIN COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Back in July 2020, lightning struck the communications tower in Martin County Jail. Aside from the fear of the dispatcher on site, it also caused serious damage to the radio system. The strike took out both consoles in the county’s broadcast.

Once the system was back up and running, the people with the county knew more needed to be done. The district’s radio system is out of date.

Along with that, the county has many dead zones. Martin County has many hills to face. This means that radio communication can be spotty.

Upgrades would make the system work better. However, the county also hopes to add more towers. You are currently looking for two new locations on the north side of the district. Martin County also considers areas in the south. This would mean better coverage.

Martin County communications commander Melisa Sorrells says, “The calls we are receiving are emergency calls. These calls cannot wait. This second, the minute we are spending is going to cost someone. So our goal is to save our times improve.” Always to improve our time. “

The project is financed from available funds from the 911 district.

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