Mavenir develops open RAN gear for Ligado

Ligado Networks has contracted Mavenir to develop open RAN equipment compatible with its L-band spectrum, which sheds light on the satellite communications company’s plans for deployment and adds to the software provider’s list of recent achievements.

Mavenir will develop O-RAN Alliance-compliant remote radio units and cloud-native open RAN software for Ligado Networks.

This is the software company’s first agreement to supply radio units for an open RAN network, having formed its own business unit in December 2020.

Ligado Networks plans to purchase 5G base station devices from Nokia, which announced last month it would add L-band compatibility to its portfolio.

The satellite communications company was formerly called LightSquared, but renamed itself after the bankruptcy. It is now focused on using its spectrum for private networks and recently received 3GPP approvals for specifications so that its L-band spectrum can be used in 5G networks.

For Mavenir, the deal closed a number of customer announcements this week, including an agreement to provide virtualized baseband units for an open RAN test facility operated by Deutsche Telekom and a place on the vendor list for an Orange test in France.

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