Maxim Built-in’s important analog transceivers present dependable connectivity and the {industry}’s highest uptime for industrial networks by means of improved fault detection and working vary


Reliable connectivity is critical to optimizing operations and improving system availability in manufacturing for many critical industrial applications such as asset management systems and communication fieldbus modules.

MAX33012E: Overvoltage, overcurrent and transmission error errors in CAN stop production and idle expensive machines. In order to meet this challenge, the MAX33012E has error detection on the CANH and CANL data lines for overvoltage, overcurrent and transmission errors as well as error code reporting. The MAX33012E’s detection and reporting enables the fastest troubleshooting, so critical connections can be re-established immediately.

MAX33072E: Modern industrial and manufacturing systems require a high common-mode voltage tolerance for communication between different systems. The common mode range (CMR) of the MAX33072E is 1.6 times greater than that of its closest competitor (receiver only). The ability to interconnect a wide variety of nodes increases the size of the communications network so that more machines can be operated in larger areas with simple and reliable connections. The ± 40V CMR MAX33072E allows industrial systems to connect and communicate in environments with more electrical noise until there is a -40V or + 40V difference between two nodes.

Main advantages

  • Increased uptime: In competitive CAN solutions, errors are not identified and reported together, so system operators can fix problems without knowing the cause of the error or specific details. The MAX33012E brings CAN networks back online faster by only detecting, reporting and classifying overvoltage, overcurrent and transmission errors in the industry.
  • Maximum ESD Protection: The MAX33012E offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) fault protection of ± 45 kV, 1.8 times greater than that of its closest competitor, to increase network data transmission resistance to ESD.
  • Highest CMR: MAX33072E CMR is built into the driver and receiver for bidirectional communication.


  • “Automated manufacturing centers operate all day every day to maximize productivity and increase return on investment,” he said Colin Barnden, Principal Analyst at Semicast Research. “The ability to quickly resolve problems and get production back on track after equipment failure is a highly desirable trait for any production environment.”
  • “Improving uptime in industrial communications is a high priority for industrial system designers,” he said David Andeen, Managing Director of the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated. “Every time equipment is shut down to check for faults, manufacturers can lose revenue. However, finding faults faster can cut repair intervals, and these new transceivers reduce the idle time for machines.”

Availability and pricing

  • The MAX33012EASA + is available on the Maxim Integrated website for $ 2.29 (1000-up, FOB United States); also available from authorized dealers
  • The MAX33072EASA + is available on the Maxim Integrated website for $ 2.04 (1000-up, FOB United States); also available from authorized dealers
  • The MAX33012ESHLD # evaluation kit is available for $ 99
  • The MAX33072ESHLD # evaluation kit is available for $ 99

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