MaxLinear Bridges and Transceivers allow UTEK’s next-generation industrial IoT platforms

CARLSBAD, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE: MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits, today announced that the company’s interface bridges and multi-protocol transceivers in UTEK- Port expansion devices and interface converters for industrial IoT applications are used in series.

Modern industrial systems leverage the power of cloud, AI, and edge computing to make real-time decisions that improve performance and reliability. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects digital and physical machines to form fast-reacting, networked systems. With the number of connected IoT devices expected to grow to well over 100 billion by 2030, the ability to connect systems together is more difficult than ever. MaxLinear’s industry-leading bridge and transceiver solutions give designers the architectural flexibility needed to build these highly connected systems.

UTEK is a global leader in IIoT connectivity products that extend the data collection capabilities of edge devices. MaxLinear’s USB bridges (XR21B14xx and XR21V14xx) are the smallest in the world and allow UTEK to manufacture thin yet robust interface conversion cables. MaxLinear is the market leader in PCIe bridges, and these XR17V35x UARTs offer the most extensive serial port expansion capabilities in the industry. Additionally, MaxLinear is the world’s leading provider of multi-protocol transceivers used on a wide variety of UTEK interconnect platforms.

The unique requirements of industrial IoT applications were heavily weighted in the design of the bridges and multi-protocol transceivers from MaxLinear. The USB-UART and USB-Ethernet bridges (XR2280x) offer the industry’s most robust integrated ESD protection at system level of up to ± 15 kV. USB and PCIe bridges both offer the highest I / O expansion in their respective product categories, with PCIe bridges offering up to 16 independent GPIOs and 8 serial ports per device. As the industry leader in multi-protocol transceivers, MaxLinear offers the largest portfolio of devices, including products that offer up to 10 different protocols on a single chip.

“MaxLinear is pleased to support UTEK’s serial expansion and interface converters with our high-performance bridges and multi-protocol transceivers,” said James Lougheed, vice president of marketing, high performance analog. “We have worked with UTEK for more than a decade and we will continue to innovate closely to bring leading IIoT connectivity solutions to market.”

“The unique combination of high ESD tolerance, high signal fanout and small packages makes these devices the best choice for compact IIoT applications,” said Utek’s head of research and development. “We look forward to working closely with MaxLinear’s industrial bridges and transceivers on many future programs.”

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