MCG instructs banks to acquire a license for ATMs with antennas. or sealed

According to a statement from the Gurugram City Council (MCG), banks that install antennas on ATMs must now obtain a license from the agency. The MCG will seal such unlicensed ATMs, officials said.

However, the MCG has not announced a deadline for obtaining the license.

Under the terms of the 2013 Articles of Association of Haryana Municipal Corporation (Communication and Connectivity Infrastructure), an applicant must pay a processing fee of £10,000 per antenna, a license fee of £5,000 per antenna per year and a compounding fee of £2,500 per antenna per year if the person has already installed an antenna without prior approval from the MCG. The applicant can get a license from the agency after paying all of the above amounts, the MCG officials said.

The official data from the planning department of the MCG showed that many banks have installed ATMs within the boundaries of the MCG area without prior approval from the authority, according to RS Bhath, District City Planner (DTP), MCG.

“As of October 2020, such banks have been constantly instructed to submit requests to regularize illegal antennas at the ATMs after paying the required fee and fees, but none of them have submitted requests to do so,” Bhath said.

MCG Joint Commissioner Hariom Attri said if the affected banks are not licensed, the MCG will start sealing their ATMs.

In July 2020, MCG’s planning department asked Prahlad Rai Godara, the senior district manager (LDM), to submit the contact details of all banks in the city. As a result, the MCG sent notifications to all banks concerned in October 2020 to provide details about their ATMs – depending on their location – and to have them regulated in accordance with the statutes. According to the 2020 LDM data, there are around 537 bank branches in urban areas of the city and 1,489 ATMs in Gurugram.

Previously, the general accountant of Haryana (Audit) had instructed MCG in July 2016 to seal around 400 ATMs in the city if the banks were not to receive licenses in accordance with the statutes within 90 days.

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