Moo gone: French villagers deny Elon Musk permission to put in Starlink’s antennas, World Information

Tech genius and SpaceX owner Elon Musk is thrilled to realize his dream of bringing satellite-based internet to Earthlings. However, he was struck by the realization that not everyone is as excited as he is.

Musk needs to install antennas around the world to make the desired connection for Starlink satellite internet service.

However, residents of a small village in France have objected to Musk using their land to fulfill his dreams.

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Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron asked Musk to keep these new antennas out of their land, fearing the signals could harm residents.

“This project is completely new. We have no idea how these signals work,” said Noemie Brault, a 34-year-old deputy mayor of the village, an English broadcaster. “As a precaution, the local council said no.”

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While Musk is hoping to install thousands of satellites to bring fast internet to remote areas around the world. To do this, he must install antennas on the ground to capture signals and bounce back to individual user ports that are wired together.

The contractor had apparently already received permission in France to install nine such radomes, which would be three meters high and protect the antennas.

In December, however, Saint-Senier issued a decree blocking all construction work in the field for technical reasons.

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“This worries us because we don’t have any data,” Brault said of the effects of signals on residents’ health. “And when you hear that he wants to implant a chip in people’s brains, that’s terrifying.”

A member of the Green Council, Francois Dufour, also agreed with the decision and asked: “Social networks, the Internet, they already exist – why do we have to look for the Internet on the moon?”

Some farmers also fear that the cows may produce less milk because of the antenna signals. However, some of them have also started naming the calves after Musk and his company – one of which is SpaceX du Beuvron.

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