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Morehead takes delivery of the second space antenna

Morehead State University in Kentucky received a second space antenna. The 12-meter tracking antenna was supplied to the university by NASA Deep Space Network, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There, it will serve as a satellite location station to support low-earth orbit satellite missions (LEO) and as a training facility for students studying space systems engineering, astrophysics and astronomy in programs.

The school already has another system, the 21-meter room antenna. The new antenna will be placed on the same hill and build on the success of this larger antenna, which provides telemetry, tracking, range and command services for multiple missions. Construction work will begin in spring with the aim of having the antenna fully functional by the end of 2022.

Morehead University’s 21-meter room antenna will soon share a hill with the school’s second room antenna, which is 12 meters tall. Source: Morehead State University

“Dozens of students will have the opportunity to conduct research projects, theses and courses on specific topics on various aspects of the antenna system, not only after the instrument has been operated but also during the station installation and commissioning,” said Ben Malphrus. Executive Director of the University’s Space Science Center, in an article on the project. “Space systems engineering graduates benefit from hands-on training and direct support from NASA space missions. Access to cutting-edge instruments such as the 12-meter antenna is a unique aspect of our program and makes our graduates competitive in the aerospace industry.”

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