MTI Wi-fi Edge Ltd. pronounces a number of new MultiBand antenna merchandise

Tel Aviv, Israel, January 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After a successful start in 2019 and worldwide deployments of our patented Multi band MTI expanded the antennas in 2020 Multi band Family to additional frequencies as well as the registration of patents on these new developments.

The latest additions to this portfolio include 2-foot parabolic antennas with 11/32, 13/32 and 11/80 GHz as well as the expansion of the existing 2-foot antenna solutions with 1-foot variants in 15/80, 18/80 , 23/80 and 28/80 GHz.

MTI’s multiband antennas meet the requirements of ETSI, FCC and Anatel and are used in new and existing 5G networks. They offer high capacity and high availability backhaul by combining two different frequencies in one antenna.

General Manager of the Antenna Department at MTI Dov Feiner said: “MTI offers the most comprehensive portfolio. We have received excellent feedback from our existing customers, in parallel with many requests to diversify our portfolio and add new frequencies. We welcome this type of cooperation and have developed additional frequencies in response to this to support that. ” commercial needs of our customers. “

About MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.

MTI Wireless Edge Limited is a technology group focused on comprehensive communication and radio frequency solutions in various sectors. The antenna division develops and produces high quality antennas for commercial, RFID and military applications. Commercial applications include LTE, CBRS, TVWS, Wi-Fi, Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP), Point-to-Point (PtP), 5G and Small Cell Backhaul. Antenna types include MIMO, dual slant, double dual slant, omni, base station and CPE antennas.

For the RFID market, MTI offers antennas for RFID readers and terminals.

Military applications include a wide range of broadband, tactical, and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems, and DF arrays installed on numerous ground, air, sea, and submarine platforms worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, MTI offers the largest selection of antennas for all frequencies and applications.

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