NAD Proclaims Masters M28 Power Amplifiers with Superior Self-Clock Expertise

The new NAD Masters M28 Class D amplifier delivers a whopping 200 W of power at 8 Ω to seven … [+] Channels!

Steven Elphick / NAD

Listen up audiophiles! Although the Covid-19 outbreak has slowed many product launches in the audio industry, it hasn’t stopped classic audio brand NAD Electronics from launching their newest product in the Masters series.

The M28 is a high performance seven channel power amplifier that can be at the heart of a multi-channel system for playing music or as part of a home theater system. The M28 is the first multi-channel amplifier to use Purifi’s self-clocking (self-clocking) amplifier technology.

Self-clocking technology was first introduced in NAD’s M33 Masters series of BluOS streaming DAC amplifiers. The brand new Masters M28 power amplifier uses a self-clocking amplifier manufactured by NAD under license from Purifi, a Danish company that developed the technology.

Although there are many great sounding amplifiers in the market, Purifi has taken a close look at how amplifiers work and claims its engineers have found several seemingly small nonlinearities that, if corrected, could make a dramatic difference to the overall sound of an amplifier .

NAD’s new Masters M28 power amplifier uses self-clocking technology under license from Danish … [+] Purifi company


Purifi claims to have solved the last remaining constraints in audio amplifier design through the use of advanced technology, innovative circuit layouts and thanks to advanced mathematical modeling. The result is less noise and less distortion, according to Purifi. However, the company says the audible result is even greater with a level of detail and transparency that can provide new levels of refinement at any volume level.

Like previous generations of NAD’s HybridDigital technology, the new M28 can handle long runs of cable that maintain the same wide and uniform bandwidth regardless of speaker impedance while providing high current capability. The M28 has an output of up to 200 W with a continuous output of 8 Ω for all simultaneously operated channels. There is up to 560 W of dynamic power in 4Ω load.

With XLR and cinch connections, the NAD Masters M28 is ideal for long cable runs that are often required … [+] on special home theater installations.


Although it is a Class D amplifier, self-clocking technology behaves similarly to an analog amplifier when the signal drops. According to NAD, many Class D designs can become unstable under load, but claims that self-clocking technology does well at the instant recovery normally only seen with the best traditional Class A / B amplifiers. NAD engineers are especially proud that the M28 delivers a lot of power with better sound quality. They are even happier that they did this at a lower cost than traditional amplifier technology.

For easy installation in a wide variety of situations, the M28 accepts both XLR inputs and single ended RCA connectors. XLR connectors use the same efficient audio interface used in professional recording studios, where the highest levels of signal integrity and the lowest noise floor are required for best performance. High-quality binding posts for secure speaker connections are provided on the M28. The design of the M28 is matched to the M17 V2i preamplifier / processor of the NAD Masters series to create a seven channel home theater system.

Pricing: The M28 is available to order now and will ship later this month for £ 3,999 / € 5,499 / US $ 4,999 / CDN $ 6,999.

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• HybridDigital Purifi self-clock amplifier

• 200 W x 7 channels in 8 Ω (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.003% THD

• 4 Ω for use with a wide variety of speakers

• Locking of XLR plugs and interface electronics for long cables

• Balanced and single-ended line inputs

• 12 volt trigger

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