Nationwide Radio Analysis Company detects critiques of counterfeit units


The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that 381 domestic and foreign manufacturers tampered with their test reports in order to obtain a license to sell radio and communications equipment.

The National Radio Research Agency of the Department of Science and ICT recently reviewed the Bay Area Compliance Laboratory (BACL) test reports published between 2006 and this year and confirmed that 1,700 reports from 381 companies were allowed to be issued by BACL China instead of BACL USA only issued by authorized institutions. In contrast to BACL USA, BACL China is not one of them

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, a Chinese surveillance camera maker, rigged 224 reports, followed by Chinese drone maker DJI (145 cases), Huawei (136 cases) and South Korean peripheral maker Britz International (64 cases). Samsung Electronics also rigged 23 reports related to wireless speakers and other products.

These companies are subject to administrative measures, including testing invalidation and device recall. You cannot apply for the conformity assessment for one year and the equipment in question cannot be manufactured, imported or sold until it is reassessed. Sequential hearings at the National Radio Research Agency begin next month.

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