New antenna to deliver the BIG 94.5 WCMS sign again to full energy alongside the outer banks

You can’t see them, but there are two men from Galvanized Endeavor working 1,000 feet above Hyde County to get BIG 94.5 WCMS back into the air. [Steve Borneman photo]

Big 94.5 WCMS listeners will be happy to hear that we are in the process of making our signal better than ever again. And a fan favorite on Your Country Music Station will return in the morning to kick off summer.

The antenna of our 1,000-foot tower in Engelhard was struck by lightning from a powerful storm complex on July 1, 2020, which caused more than 40,000 lightning strikes across the region and caused irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, a combination of external factors delayed the timely repair.

“As a result of the lightning strike, we uncovered many other serious issues with our tower and antenna for WCMS that have not been fixed in many years,” said Steve Borneman, chief operating officer of JAM Media Solutions, who also owns and works OBX today. “Unfortunately, with all the repairs, parts replacements, and new equipment required, it took a lot longer than expected to fix everything.”

One of the antenna bays that was damaged by a lightning strike was lowered to the ground. [Steve Borneman photo]

These include supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as hurricanes, winter storms, and other severe weather that damaged transmitter masts from the northeastern United States to the Gulf Coast and limited the availability of crews to climb radio towers and The replacement of the damaged equipment are certified.

Which meant that we had to stay at reduced transmit power levels for Big 94.5 WCMS since last summer, which has also reduced the coverage of our signal since then. We still streamed our programs on, the Big 94.5 WCMS app and all popular smart speakers.

Until now!

Brand new antenna shafts in front of the 100,000 watt BIG 94.5 WCMS transmitter. [Steve Borneman photo]

A crew arrived in Hyde County over the weekend and began removing the old antenna sections. What they found was a lot worse than we thought, but luckily the transmitter installed two years ago did not suffer any damage.

It will take a few days for the new antenna to be hung up and then tested to make sure everything is working safely.

“I’m excited to announce that BIG 94.5 WCMS will be back to full performance next week, sounding better and going further than ever,” said Borneman. “I am confident that the repairs we have made will provide quality service and great radio to the Outer Banks and beyond for many years to come.

And when that happens, Autumn Kozer comes back for morning!

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After a few months as a mother, it’s finally time to get back to work! Radio is my life! The only thing I’m good at is radio (according to the hundreds of applications I’ve submitted) This will never die, I literally love that and I died without doing it. You see, 2020, the year that has lost a lot of weight for many people and that sucks. I was lost without a job, felt like I would never get another one in an area I’m good at, and then God came up and said, “Let’s make music for them again”! So here I am … and I’m starting again this Monday morning with the BIG 94.5 WCMS! There will be challenges and there will be changes, but I can promise you one thing that hasn’t changed … ME. I will still be your loud, educational, funny (sometimes), truthful, music playing radio girl and I will never let you down. So let’s go to East North Carolina…. I missed my therapy sessions with all of you so badly!

So be patient, BIG 94.5 WCMS fans. We’re almost ready to light it up on your country music station.

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