New collection of embedded Wi-Fi antennas supply wonderful community protection

AVX Corporation is not offering a new line of embedded Wi-Fi antennas to meet the ever increasing cross-market demand for smaller and thinner wireless products with excellent signal sensitivity. The new W-Series embedded Wi-Fi antennas offer a wide range of standard solutions with ultra-miniature form factors, PCB or FPC antenna technologies supporting single and dual band operating frequencies up to 6 GHz, performance-enhancing foam coatings and multiple mounting options for maximum design flexibility , Ease of implementation, faster time to market, and reliable, well-balanced performance for exceptional network coverage and high-speed data rates in wireless applications spanning the commercial, agricultural, consumer, computing, medical and medical sectors. Industrial and telecommunications markets.

“Our new W-Series embedded Wi-Fi antennas are specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s wireless product designers facing the ever-increasing cross-market demand for miniaturized devices and systems that provide highly reliable mobile connectivity with superior signal sensitivity . Exceptional network coverage and ever-increasing data rates to meet widespread consumer demand for faster uploads and downloads and higher quality mobile streaming, ”said Houda Rais, RF product manager for AVX’s EMEA marketing department. “The new W-Series ultra-miniature antennas are available in a variety of standard solutions that have been tested and proven to provide reliable, well-balanced performance over a wide frequency band. They proactively meet a range of unique application needs to simplify and accelerate both design and time-to-market. In addition, both semi and fully custom designs are available upon request to address potential outliers. “

The new series consists of three families of embedded Wi-Fi antennas: the W1, W2 and W3 families, all of which weigh only 0.3 g, are only 0.4 mm high and three PCB / FPC thicknesses (0.1 mm , 0.4 mm) support mm and 0.8 mm) have an unbalanced 50 ohm feed point impedance and meet the latest RoHS directives. All three families are offered with FPC or PCB antenna technologies, with three tuning options (tuning on plastic wall, tuning foam on plastic wall, and tuning with ribs), three adhesive mounting options for compatibility with FPC, PCB or PCB + foam materials, and three Standard cable lengths (50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm) and diameters (0.81 mm, 1.13 mm and 1.37 mm) with black or gray cable sheaths as well as three standard connector options: U.FL, W.FL or MHF4 downward connections -, upward, left or right orientation for screen printing printed circuit boards. They are also offered without a connector, without glue and with an optional ferrite bead.

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