New Revie Flex mobile antennas for 5G and IoT functions

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the new Revie Flex Series of internal cellular antennas from Laird Connectivity. The internal cellular antennas of the Revie Flex series are flexible, frequency-optimized peel-and-stick antennas for cellular networks and narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) applications. The Revie Flex series offers designers the flexibility to adapt the cellular spectrum to their requirements for passive components.

Revie Flex Series antennas available from Mouser Electronics include the Revie Flex 600 and Revie Flex 700 antennas. The Revie Flex 600 is a high performance full spectrum antenna that covers the frequency range from 600 MHz to 6000 MHz as well as global 5G and Legacy cellular networks supported. The Revie Flex 600 antennas are 130 mm × 30 mm in size and are optimized for use when they are mounted using the adhesive backing provided. These highly efficient antennas ensure easy manufacturer certification and reliable connections for high data throughput in a variety of integration environments.

The Revie Flex 700 is an ultra-compact 96mm antenna for 5G devices that supports frequencies between 698 MHz and 6000 MHz. The highly efficient, self-adhesive and flexible circuit board antenna can be embedded and mounted in any plastic housing and has an omnidirectional pattern cover that is optimized for 5G. NB-IoTand LTE-M / CAT-M devices. Mouser also carries the base Revie Flex from Laird Connectivity, which covers 698 MHz – 875 MHz and 1710 MHz – 2500 MHz and is specially designed to support LTE-M, Cat M1 and NB-IoT.

The Revie Flex cellular antennas are floor-level-independent, adaptable, frequency-optimized solutions for wireless data transmission via global cellular network providers.

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