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Austin, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – NI (Nasdaq: NATI), the provider of a software-defined platform that accelerates the development and performance of automated test and measurement systems, is driving key innovations of the 5G New Radio (NR) Test User Equipment with the announcement of a stand-alone version (SA) (UE) offer.

Before the 5G ecosystem can evolve, companies must test and validate products and services for standards, interoperability, and operational performance. The 5G NR-Test-UE works as a 3GPP Release 15 standard-compatible UE like a modem or a mobile phone. The offering enables infrastructure providers – including macro cells, small cells, pico cells and femto cells, semiconductor and service operators – to test, validate and evaluate performance in real-world scenarios.

Non-stand-alone 5G NR (NSA) continues to facilitate the first-time introduction of 5G technologies. However, 5G NR standalone networks contain important elements that are necessary to achieve the full 5G vision, especially in terms of throughput and latency. NI released NSA functionality in 2019. This is an important follow-up release to ensure full coverage of 3GPP Release 15.

Spirent Communications is partnering with NI to accelerate 5G NR technology and support, and provide a solution that validates 5G device performance and provides end-to-end network emulation environments for global customers. “Last year there were 5G NSA deployments around the world, but significant revenue was hard to come by,” said Clarke Ryan, senior director of product development at Spirent. “Where 5G development is already well underway, there is a global rush to move beyond NSA adoption to SA 5G to generate revenue in industries like manufacturing, automotive, mobile gaming and beyond.”

“The early 5G rollouts below 6 GHz are an important step in realizing the advantages of 5G. However, the faster data rates, higher reliability, and lower latency of SA 5G will have the promised transformational impact for businesses and consumers. With our current situation under strain on our existing networks, implementing SA 5G is more important than ever, ”said James Kimery, NI director of marketing for wireless research. “This exciting and important work presents significant design and testing challenges that require powerful tools. At NI, we strive to connect designers and test engineers with the most advanced test solutions to ensure reliability and accelerate innovation even in challenging times. ”

With today’s announcement, the 5G NR Test UE offering will allow users to evaluate performance, compliance with the standard, and interoperability for both SA and NSA 5G systems. It is the first software-upgradeable all-in-one hardware solution specifically designed to maximize cost-effectiveness, improve the user experience, and maintain robust functionality.

Main advantages of Test UE

  • Versatile Hardware: Reduce development time and maximize hardware investment with a system designed for both laboratory benchmark testing and field testing.

  • Early access to standards: Access standards-compliant systems before commercial hardware and receive software upgrades as new standards are defined.

  • Real-Time Analytics: Evaluate link status and performance in real-time as you create log files for offline analysis and debugging, including unparalleled Layer 1 visibility.

The SA support announcement is the first major software upgrade for the 5G NR Test UE offering since its first launch in 2019.

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