Nokia and AT&T Speed up US C-Band Rollout with First Business Machine Name

  • First call for C-band spectrum milestone reached prior to commercial network deployment, which is expected later this year

  • AT&T remains committed to expanding 5G services in the United States to improve both network coverage and performance for end users

June 10, 2021

Dallas, Texas – Nokia and AT&T announced today that they have successfully completed the first call in the AT&T network Use of the C-band spectrum, what was excellent just three months ago. The call was made With a Mobile test device in 5G smartphone form factor with Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ X55 5G M.odem RF system With the Nokia airS.path Baseband and 5G massive MIMO (mMIMO) 64T64R C-band radio. The C-band spectrum offers a good balance between the two cover and capacity and will continue to enrich AT & Ts Ambitions expanding 5G coverage and performance across the country. AT&T has announced plans for coverage 200 Million people with C-Band of the End of 2023.

The milestone was reached in early May in Detroit, Michigan, by engineers from AT&T and Nokia who worked together quickly to demonstrate the potential of the newly available n77 spectrum (n77: 3700-3980 MHz). The test used one of Nokia’s new mMIMO antennas, which are designed to operate in the n77 C-band in conjunction with the latest Nokia 5G software. The joint team will continue to test performance ahead of the commercial network deployment, which is expected to begin later this year.

Nokia recently signed a five-year contract with AT&T to provide the wireless operator’s C-band network in the United States. Nokia’s C-band portfolio includes support for both 5G standalone networks (SA) and non-standalone networks (NSA), cloud-based implementations and Open RAN products. Nokia’s C-Band 5G RAN solutions work with existing Nokia LTE RAN devices provided by AT&T to ensure a seamless, high-performance user experience.

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Nokia was the first provider to successfully complete a 5G test in the C-band spectrum in the United States in June 2020 with its commercial 5G AirScale portfolio. In anticipation of the FCC C-band spectrum auction that will close in January 2021, Nokia has added a number of specific products to its portfolio.

Kevin Hetrick, Vice President – Construction and Engineering, AT&T said: “AT&T is committed to bringing the power of 5G to even more businesses and communities across the country. In fact, we’re committed to serving more people with C-band than any other provider by the end of 2023. Our planned C-band launch with Nokia will add 5G capacity and coverage where it’s needed. Nokia’s C-band portfolio offers the capabilities and performance that enable AT&T to deliver the exciting, powerful 5G experience our subscribers have come to expect. “

Ed Cholerton, President of Nokia Americas, said: “This is an important milestone and achievement as we support AT&T in its efforts to expand its commercial 5G services across the country using the C-band spectrum. We are proud to be a long-term partner of AT&T and to work together on this innovative project. Nokia’s flexible and comprehensive range of solutions covers all customer needs and we look forward to continuing to work with AT&T to bring incredible 5G experiences to customers across the country. “


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