NXTCOMM Publicizes Board of Administrators and Validates Ku-Band Antenna Design

Board brings a deep understanding of the aerospace industry and satellite connectivity markets

ATLANTA, February 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Following successful validation testing of the next generation Ku-band antenna design, NXT Communications Corporation (NXTCOMM) is pleased to announce the formation of a new Board of Directors to lead the next phase of its growth and commercial launch. With backgrounds in technology, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, and satellite, the board brings over a century of experience and leadership skills to tackle the connectivity challenge.

Meet the board of NXTCOMM

NXTCOMM is committed to bringing proven, affordable connectivity technology to the broadband mobility markets. Launched in 2017, the company introduced its new Electronically Controlled Antenna (ESA) in June last year, a building block in a portfolio of low-cost, next-generation commercial satellite antennas designed to meet global demand for low-cost global mobile connectivity.

The board members include:

  • Robert (Scott) room, Chairman of the Board, NXTCOMM

  • David Horton, CEO of NXTCOMM

  • Stephen Newell, Chief Commercial Officer of NXTCOMM

  • Curtis C. Reusser, Board Member, NXTCOMM

  • Lawrence Soriano, President, Western Pioneer, Inc.

“NXTCOMM will benefit immensely from the management and guidance from these directors,” he said Scott room, CEO. “This is the right body to support the management team at this critical stage in NXTCOMM’s growth. The Directors bring together a wide range of aerospace, defense and broader connectivity market knowledge and relationships that enable us to to execute our strategy and execute a strategy of new high performance antenna to meet the explosive demand for mobile broadband with speed and scalability. “

The timing of a new board’s appointment follows NXTCOMM’s successful validation of the Ku-band antenna design with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, in which NXTCOMM’s antenna achieved greater than 88% efficiency across the band.

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“We are very pleased with the results. Not only have we completely jeopardized our design evolution, but we now have data to show that the NXTCOMM core sub-array can achieve levels of efficiency that are significantly better than what is available today.” Said Horton.

The board, a combination of NXTCOMM management and outside directors, has combined significant market and technical expertise to move the company forward.

Horton brings more than two decades of leadership experience manufacturing satellite communications equipment to aerospace and satellite companies and has worked with both top antenna suppliers and the industry’s leading providers of in-flight connectivity hardware and services.

Newell is a 25-year-old satellite communications entrepreneur and business development manager with proven results that drive the growth of avionics and satcom companies. Most recently, he was Vice President Business Development at FLYHT and Chief Commercial Officer of TrueNorth Avionics (now part of Satcom Direct).

His three decades of leadership in the satellite sector include founding EchoStar International Corp., which has served as its first president for a decade, followed by boarding and advising EchoStar Communications Corp. He also consulted with global CEOs on mobile communications and IoT growth strategy.

Curtis Reussers Over three decades of aerospace and defense industry experience includes leading United Technologies’ multi-billion dollar aircraft systems business and leading Esterline Technologies Corporation as President, CEO and Chairman, where he merged with Transdigm, a leading specialty manufacturer, negotiated the global aerospace and defense markets. Reusser also led the Electronic Systems segment for Goodrich Corporation, growing the company’s military business and sales prior to its acquisition by United Technologies.

Lawrence Soriano comes from an entrepreneurial family with a 40-year legacy Alaska dynamic fishing trade. In college he worked on freighters Seattle to Alaska and the Bering Sea, an experience that made him understand the need for maritime operators to have reliable connectivity. As President of Western Pioneer, Inc., Soriano has helped strengthen the company’s core retail and real estate industries Alaska and Seattle, including the thriving Alaska Ship Supply grocery and ship supply business.

After installing the board and completing the first tests, NXTCOMM is on schedule to move on to the next step in the product iteration. 50 centimeter panel grading units are sent for production. The company intends to support customer demonstrations in the second quarter of 2021. At the same time, NXTCOMM is developing its internal capabilities and infrastructure to support additional customer requirements and production.

About NXT Communications Corporation (NXTCOMM)
NXTCOMM enables connectivity in today’s mobile world. Led by satellite, software and communications technology veterans who understand the technology and market dynamics, NXTCOMM develops highly efficient antenna technology and a better implementation model to deliver breakthrough high-speed mobile connectivity solutions for the satellite and mobility market.

Note for media:
Access the NXTCOMM Board of Directors video at: http://nxtcommboardofdirectors.pagedemo.co and Board Directors bios and headshots at: https://www.nxtcomm.com/about.

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