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Oelwein’s chief police officer Jeremy Logan says that Oelwein’s investment in its emergency radio system is already reducing the cost of upgrading Fayette County’s system.

The Board of Supervisors received an estimate this week that upgrading the county’s 911 radio system could cost $ 7.6 million to upgrade Fayette County’s 911 radio system. Last week they met with representatives from Oelwein to consolidate the city and county shipping services. Regulators were concerned about the merger’s cost to the county, but city guides said years of investing in the city’s system had already saved the county money.

The system that is being proposed nationwide is the system in which Oelwein has invested since 2006 and invested again in 2020, ”said Logan at the district court meeting on February 16.

He spoke in detail about how the improved system of the city works and what advantages the district has through the possibility of connection.

“Oelwein only made this commitment last year and the system was put into operation in August. Fortunately for the county, it’s only $ 7 million – and I hate to say just $ 7 million – the reason is that Oelwein has already made a commitment to invest in the southern part of the county to fill that void close. “

Supervisor Janell Bradley was concerned about coverage in the northern part of the county, particularly the hills and valleys.

“The system they propose can adjust the turret positions to suit individual needs,” said Logan.

He later added, “You can get better coverage if you … add towers. That’s how it works. “

Tellin asked about the Oelwein supply area.

“Our tower in Oelwein … enables me to stand here on my portable device and communicate with Oelwein from this building,” said Logan. “Does that give you the coverage that MPs and other law enforcement and fire protection agencies in this part of the county would need together? No, because of the various holes and things like that. “

These problems would have to be addressed by the new system of the county.

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