Orbit Communication Techniques present two further Gaia-100 floor antenna methods for the worldwide community enlargement of ATLAS Area Operations

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., February 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Orbit Communication Systems Inc., a leading provider of Earth observation and new space antenna systems, today announced the delivery of two additional Gaia-100s 3.7 million S / X tape systems as key elements in supporting ATLAS global network expansion and performance. The Gaia-100 enables the use of the Freedom ™ Software Platform from ATLAS.

Orbit’s Gaia 100 ground antenna system in combination with the Freedom ™ software platform from ATLAS, Barrow, Alaska (Photo credit: Daniel Kerschbaum, Quintillion)

ATLAS Space Operations makes it easier for satellite companies to access space by negating the need to invest in and operate ground infrastructure around the world. With the new approach, ATLAS customers can focus on developing and launching new innovative satellites and payloads to collect information from sensors, cameras, radar systems, etc. With the Freedom ™ software platform, customers can use a common ground network anytime, anywhere.

With the newly implemented Gaia systems, ATLAS can expand its presence and service offering to an increasingly demanding market in which the speed, security and reliability of data acquisition is of crucial importance for the success of ATLAS customers. ATLAS Space Operations, coupled with Freedom ™, is transforming the way companies and governments collect and use Earth observation data to improve the daily lives of people around the world.

“We are excited to partner with Orbit to leverage their Gaia systems, which are a critical framework for supporting our Freedom ™ Network Services,” he said Mike Carey, CSO and co-founder of ATLAS. “We have several customers who are familiar with Orbit and have asked us to leverage Orbit’s capabilities on our network to ensure continued and reliable service delivery.”

“Orbit is very proud to help a customer like ATLAS expand their network of ground stations,” said Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit. “We believe that the combination of the Gaia 100 product line is bundled with the Freedom ™ Software Platform from ATLAS.” will make a significant difference for the end customer. “

About earth observation in orbit and new space solutions

Orbit’s Gaia-100 family of earth observations and new space systems combines years of experience, an extensive installed base and lessons from the emerging New Space sector. Orbit is redesigning traditional ground stations to make them more compact and cost effective to meet the dynamic needs of its EO and constellation customers. The company’s Gaia 100 family includes low-cost, high-performance terrestrial terminals for proven and reliable connectivity to LEO / MEO satellites.

Orbit’s Gaia 100 family does not have a “keyhole” that allows for continuous tracking. It is a true 3-axis system – EL, Tilt and AZ – and an integrated, step-by-step Advanced Control Loop enables higher availability, reliability and superior performance. The Gaia-100 has multiple configurations (from L- to K-band) on a single platform, and the radome cover allows it to operate anytime, anywhere

About Orbit:

Orbit Communication Systems Inc., the US subsidiary of Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI), is a leading global provider of technology-intensive mission-critical communication systems and solutions for government and commercial markets. Orbit products and solutions can be found in thousands of aircraft, ships, satellite ground stations and other mission platforms that require secure, fast and resilient communication capabilities. Orbit satellite systems are constellation and frequency independent and serve all important frequency bands in GEO, MEO and LEO networks.

Orbit’s product lines include earth observation systems for traditional and emerging space applications, multi-frequency mobile satellite terminals, satellite positioning and telemetry, as well as regulatory and commercial adaptations of our market-leading 3D audio management systems in the air. Orbit customers include most of the major international satellite operators, governments, systems integrators, aerospace and maritime OEMs, and integrated satellite solution and service providers. Further information is available at http://orbit-cs.com/.

About ATLAS Space Operations:

ATLAS Space Operations is the fastest growing teleport operator in the world according to the World Teleport Association’s Fast 10 and was recognized as the 15th fastest growing software company on the Inc. 5000. ATLAS ‘Freedom ™ provides a secure, cloud-based platform for global communication that drives critical decisions on earth. Our ground network and software offer a revolutionary approach that connects humanity through space. ATLAS ‘mission is to become the world’s largest provider of pure teleport and gateway services by leveraging the virtualization of global ground communication resources. More information is available at www.atlasground.com.

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