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A nearly two-year multi-million dollar project that will both serve Polk County’s citizens and improve the safety of first responders is nearing completion.

Meetings and negotiations for a new nationwide radio communications system began almost two years ago. The time to build and implement the new system is getting closer.

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials’ Motorola P25 mission-critical communications system is an all-digital system that will cost approximately $ 7.6 million when completed.

In addition to replacing the full range of on-site communications equipment to provide officers with the latest technology, the project will include new equipment for three towers, as well as upgrading equipment for two existing towers.

Polk County has partnered with Motorola Solutions to design, engineer and build an entirely new system from the ground up. The result will be better coverage for first responders and public safety personnel than ever before in Polk County.

“It’s a big project with a lot of investment from the county and all parties involved, and there is also an ongoing management process,” said Ray Carter, county commissioner. “It’s a very actively managed system that comes with scheduled updates. Part of upgrading to this technology is keeping you up to date with everyone else.

“I think we’ll be up there with our colleagues across the state and it’s a great thing for our public safety people. I am proud that we are doing this. “

Carter said they are on schedule for a June through July deployment after completing the final two towers, one in the Esom Hill area in Southwest Polk County and one in the northwestern part of the county in the Rocky Hollow area.

Some improvements are being made to the Rockmart and Cedartown towers, as well as the one in the Taylorsville area of ​​western county.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said the inconsistent coverage of portable or car radios across the county poses a threat to officers when they are on the move.

“We now have some areas that our radios can’t reach, there’s no cell phone signal, nothing,” said Dodd. “This increases the safety of our first aiders by 200%. We’ll be able to speak to each other or send 911 from a portable radio or car radio from virtually anywhere in the county. It’s a good investment, if for no other reason than the safety of not just our police force, but also our fire and ambulance services. “

District authorities, as well as all city, school and Redmond emergency services workers, will be involved in the new system.

{p dir = “ltr”} Dodd was part of a group of system stakeholders who traveled to Motorola Solutions’ headquarters in Elgin, Illinois last November to attend a “showcase” of the new systems. He was joined by representatives from the Polk County Administration, Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County 911, Rockmart Fire, Rockmart Police, and Polk School District Police.

There, the group was able to watch their entire system in action and learn how it works in one place before the system was shipped here for installation.

“What they did is actually built the system,” said Dodd. “What will be in the towers that you had sitting on the floor in your facility? Each person received a radio and learned how the new system works, all new functions from the point of view of the user and the dispatcher. “You explained it so thoroughly. The amount of knowledge they had about the system was incredible. “

Aside from the increased coverage, the new system can also send an alert to specific radios to inform the user that they need to contact shipping. Each radio also has an emergency button that takes over all frequencies to alert other people that they are in trouble if they cannot get to their microphone.

Cobb County offers free connectivity services to surrounding counties that choose to join their P-25 hub, providing multiple neighboring counties with hub communications through a federal 911 hub communications for their own departments for them to purchase and use Installed a new hub system several years ago.

Fulton, Douglass, Cherokee, Bartow, and several others are already part of this hub through Cobb County’s communications system.

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