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Dublin, April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Market for Distributed Antenna Systems by Technology, Type (Active, Passive, Hybrid), Coverage (Outside and Inside), Operator (Carrier, Enterprise, Neutral Host) and Industry Vertical 2021 – 2026 “report was added ResearchAndMarkets.com Offer.

This report assesses the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) ecosystem and its impact on the deployment and operation of wireless network infrastructure including outdoor and indoor environments. It also analyzes the relationship between DAS and various assistive technologies such as self-organizing networks, artificial intelligence and 5G smart antenna technologies. The report provides forecasts for DAS devices, applications, services, and system deployment from 2021 to 2026.

The report evaluates the market based on coverage (outdoor and indoor), DAS type (active, passive and hybrid), operator type (network operators, corporate and neutral hosts), as well as the vertical use cases of the industry and associated market opportunities. Use cases include consumer devices, factory automation, connected vehicles, and various IoT-enabled services (People to People, People to Machine, and Machine to Machine). The report takes into account many optimization issues such as coverage, capacity, and frequency management.

Select report results:

  • The global DAS market will reach $ 12.5 billion by 2026 and grow at 11.3 CAGR
  • The DAS market associated with 5G smart antennas will reach $ 6.51 by 2026
  • Indoor DAS has a growth potential that is seven times that of the outdoor implementation
  • Active DAS deployments will lead the market, followed by hybrid and passive DAS
  • North America will lead the overall market in terms of DAS deployments and revenue
  • 5G smart antenna systems depend on the DAS and are therefore complementary markets
  • The leading ownership and control of DAS will be carriers, enterprise and neutral hosts

DAS represents a network of spatially separated antenna nodes that are connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides a wireless service within a geographic area or structure. DAS uses MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, which allows networks to use multiple signals to optimize wireless communication.

A DAS installation includes antennas, control boxes, and fibers connected to a hub. These nodes contain small antennas that fit inconspicuously into their surroundings. DAS networks are often deployed on existing public infrastructure (such as power poles, light towers, and traffic signals) and rely on the ability to fit seamlessly into their environment, which can be outdoors or indoors.

Regarding DAS, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology was launched commercially with 802.11n, which has gained wide acceptance with the start of WiMAX and LTE operations in networks. In addition to intelligent antennas based on certain RF propagation techniques such as beam shaping, DAS will also be a very important component of 5G networks.

Main topics covered:

1.0 Summary

2.0 Introduction to Distributed Antenna Systems
2.1 DAS role in the wireless network infrastructure
2.1.1 DAS advantages for mobile network operators Improved coverage and quality of service Increased capacity Reduction of capital costs Speed ​​to market
2.1.2 DAS Deployment and Operational Challenges
2.2 DAS technology
2.2.1 DAS Operations Active, passive and hybrid DAS DAS Signal Controllers Multi-signal combination systems
2.2.2 DAS and Small Cell Technology Microcell solutions Pico / Metrocell solutions Femtocell solutions WiFi Small cell capacity Cost of small cells versus DAS
2.2.3 DAS and self-organizing networks Coordinated coverage and quality of DAS and SON Beyond SON and DAS for optimized networks

3.0 THE ecosystem
3.1 THE ecosystem
3.1.1 DAS OEMs Key players SOLiD Business overview Services Microlab, FX Business overview Services Andrew Tyco (TE connectivity) Corning Business overview Services Dali Wireless Business overview Services
3.1.2 Cellular Provider Key players Boingo Wireless Business overview Services China Mobile Business overview Services
3.1.3 Distribution
3.1.4 Cable company Key players DAS simplified Business overview Services
3.1.5 DAS integrator Key players Antenna Solutions Group (ASG) from AT & T. Business overview Services American Tower Corporation Business overview Services Axell Business overview Services
3.1.6 End User Customers
3.2 DAS Deployment and Operational Challenges
3.2.1 Regulatory issues DAS Regulations Ambiguity in current legislation
3.2.2 Deployment Problems
3.2.3 Technical problems DAS Multiple Service Offers Support for future requirements
3.3 DAS market dynamics
3.3.1 Driver High traffic High prevalence of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) Growth for Public Safety Connectivity
3.3.2 Challenges High complexity High costs
3.3.3 Key DAS case studies Digitally distributed P25 antenna system from VicTrack Background Solution Digital distributed antenna system in the hospital Cellular distributed antenna systems for the Skanska USA building Distributed antenna system at the Minnesota State Fair Case study on the Torre Diamante building Tottenham Hotspur case study Axel Towers case study W New York Times Square, NYC case study
3.3.4 5G and DAS Passive DAS Active DAS Small cell Adaptive beamforming

4.0 DAS companies and solutions
4.1 Enterprise Connectivity
4.1.1 Key players iBwave Business overview Services Latest developments TCS Business overview Services Latest developments
4.2 Public safety
4.2.1 Key players Crown lock Business overview Services Latest developments
4.3 Healthcare
4.3.1 Key players Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business overview Services Latest developments Legrand Business overview Services
4.4 Transport
4.4.1 Railways Key players CommScope Business overview Services Latest developments InSite Wireless Business overview Services Latest developments
4.4.2 Airports Key players TE connectivity Business overview Services Latest developments
4.4.3 Street stations Key players iWireless Business overview Services
4.5 Sport
4.5.1 Key players Essentia Business overview Services Optical telecommunications Business overview Services Latest developments FoxCom Business overview Services Westell Business overview Services Comba Telecom Systems Holding Business overview Services Latest developments
4.6 Entertainment
4.6.1 Key players Crown lock Business overview Services Latest developments

5.0 DAS market analysis and forecasts 2021-2026
5.1 Combined DAS Market 2021-2026
5.2 DAS Equipment Market 2021-2026
5.3 DAS application market 2021-2026
5.4 DAS Service Market 2021-2026
5.4.1 DAS market by indoor and outdoor environments
5.4.2 Indoor DAS Service Market
5.4.3 DAS service market according to carrier, enterprise and neutral host environments
5.4.4 DAS service market by vertical industry
5.4.5 DAS service market by technology
5.4.6 DAS service market by region DAS market by North America country DAS Market by Asia Pacific Countries Market to Europe country Market by Middle Eastern and African Countries Market to Latin America
5.5 DAS system deployment 2021-2026
5.5.1 DAS System Deployment Unit
5.5.2 DAS units according to indoor and outdoor environments
5.5.3 Provision of DAS units indoors
5.5.4 DAS units according to carrier, enterprise and neutral host provision
5.5.5 DAS units by industry
5.5.6 DAS units by technology
5.5.7 DAS units by region Unit by North America country Unit by Asia Pacific Country Unit to Europe country Unit by Middle Eastern and African countries Unit by Latin American country
5.6 Global 5G Smart Antennas DAS Market 2021-2026
5.6.1 Global 5G DAS (Smart Antenna) Market
5.6.2 5G Smart Antenna DAS market by type
5.6.3 DAS Market for 5G Smart Antennas by Technology
5.6.4 5G Smart Antenna DAS Market By Connectivity
5.6.5 5G Smart Antenna DAS market by frequency
5.6.6 5G Smart Antenna DAS Market by Application
5.6.7 Global AI Market for Embedded 5G Smart Antennas DAS 5G Smart Antenna DAS market from AI Technology
5.6.8 5G Smart Antenna DAS Market by Region North America market by country Asia-Pacific Market by Country Europe market by country Middle East and Africa Market by Country Latin American Market by Country
5.7 Structure of the distributed antenna system
5.8 Provision costs for distributed antenna systems
5.9 Life cycle of a distributed antenna system
5.10 Quality metrics for distributed antenna systems
5.10.1 Challenges in Deploying Distributed Antenna Systems
5.10.2 Barriers to providing distributed antenna systems
5.10.3 Supply metrics for distributed antenna systems

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

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