Passenger plane for Amsterdam returned to Moscow on account of partial failure of the radio system


12:27 GMT 02/06/2021 (updated 15:45 GMT 02/06/2021) Get a short url

Sputnik International

Henry Batyaev. Sputnik International

From 3:38 a.m. Moscow time, the flight tracker showed the aircraft circling in the sky over the border between the Tver region and Smolensk. Between 3:26 and 3:34 am, the aircraft lowered its altitude by 3,353 meters and is now flying at 5,181 meters.

An AFL2694 passenger flight from Moscow to Amsterdam has sent a distress signal, according to The Airbus A320 took off from Sheremetyevo International Airport at 2:50 p.m. local time. However, after 20 minutes, the plane changed its route and flew back to Moscow.

According to Aeroflot, the airline operating the flight, the aircraft was directed back to the airport of origin after a partial failure of its radio systems. The incident does not pose a threat to the lives of the passengers or the crew.

Aeroflot spokesman Mikhail Demin said the plane landed safely at Sheremetyevo International Airport in the Russian capital.

“The Airbus 320 flying to Amsterdam landed at Sheremetyevo Airport at 5:30 pm [Moscow time, 14:30 GMT] after draining fuel. The landing took place as usual, “Demin told reporters.

The spokesman added that passengers on the returned plane would be sent to Amsterdam on an alternative jet. The departure was scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Moscow time

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