PCTEL expands the antenna portfolio with the acquisition of Smarteq Wi-fi

PCTEL, Inc., one of the largest providers of wireless technology, including sensible industrial IoT devices, antenna systems, and test and measurement solutions, announced today that it has acquired Smarteq Wireless AB, a major European supplier of antennas for vehicles, energy and industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. PCTEL acquired Smarteq from Allgon AB.

PCTEL steps in European markets

Smarteq Wireless, based near Stockholm, Sweden, sells antennas to smart meters, luxury vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, industrial production line automation, sizeable construction and off-road vehicles. The association relies on external antennas that meet high rules of execution, enduring quality and strength. Smarteq serves customers in 20 countries through branches in Sweden and France. The association, founded in 1996, has made numerous long contributions to antenna plan, production and arrangements.

“With Smarteq, PCTEL has strong presence, fitness and channel assistants nearby to accelerate our improvement in Europe. This is a fundamental approach for products for our customers in the industrial Internet of Things and for wise transportation around the world “said David Neumann, CEO of PCTEL. “In addition, we are striving to open up new business areas, for example charging stations for electric vehicles, where the inspectors expect gigantic progress during the really lengthy period involved,” added Neumann.

“With PCTEL, we have the opportunity to accelerate our product advances, improve our reach and scale our processes in order to offer mutual customer service,” said Goran Sandstrom, CEO of Smarteq. “We are eager to participate in order to improve our quality in Europe and to be a huge improvement driver for PCTEL.”

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