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At the request of the Commission, David Cotton, a radio frequency engineer at Waterford Consultants, explained the radio frequency radiation report he was preparing for the project.

Cotton said the power density for on-site project operations is about 5% of the Federal Communications Commission’s limit. Cotton added that exposure in the adjacent building, a Denny’s, is about 28% of the limit. He also estimated that the power density in close proximity to the antennas would be 4,000% of the estimated limit.

Massaro asked Cotton how the people in the hotel would be. Cotton responded that the power density in the hotel rooms below the dome would be about 5% of the FCC limit because the antennas radiate straight up.

In other areas, the commission unanimously approved the division of a 0.9 acre lot at 1556 El Centro Avenue into four residential lots. And the commission received a quarterly development report from city planner Michael Walker for the second quarter of 2021, which provides a snapshot of the development projects submitted to city planning on a quarterly basis.

Planning Commission Chair Paul Kelley thanked Walker for compiling the report and said it was encouraging to see the number of applications for development projects continue to increase compared to last year, especially for projects for additional housing units.

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