Precision OT introduces new 400G optical transceivers to assist MSO and information middle networks meet bandwidth necessities

ROCHESTER, NY, August 6, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Precision OT, a leading supplier of optical transceivers and related active / passive optical components, is driving the future of cable MSO and data center networks with a new line of 400G optical transceivers in the QSFP-DD form factor. Support of 400G transmission for distances between 100m and 10 km, the new products will help network operators to cover increasing bandwidth requirements and to increase capacity in a smaller space.

As Network World reports, the amount of Internet data traffic continues to increase with 5 zettabytes of IP traffic, which is expected per year until 2022. The main drivers of this explosive growth are the use of AI, virtual reality, 4K Video streaming, cloud services and upcoming 5G networks. As a result, MSOs and data center providers are increasingly striving for a single lambda 100G network to enable 400G networks. For many, the key is to leap in a way that minimizes space and power requirements while also leading to cost savings and more capacity.

“Optical transceivers, especially those capable of 400G, are the key component in allowing more traffic to flow over today’s networks,” he says Chris Page, CTO of Precision OT. “Single Lambda 100G will be one of the most cost-effective ways for MSOs and data centers to meet future bandwidth requirements as a single 100G line can reduce the cost of a typical 4x25G architecture by at least 40%. Using four lines of 100G and PAM4 modulation can enable the 400G data rates our customers need to be ready for the future. At Precision OT, it’s about creating network solutions that grow over time and meet the increased cost of demand – effectively , with both flexibility and agility. “

Precision OT’s new 400G transceivers have been laboratory tested and are currently available in the QSFP-DD form factor. The company offers 4 different transceiver variants for this form factor to ensure that the different requirements of the network operators can be fully met. Precision’s QSFP-DD transceivers support the continued growth of network traffic and are backward compatible with existing QSFP optics.

To learn more about Precision OT, visit Prä Click here to read Precision OT’s white paper entitled “The Rise of 200 / 400G in Data Center Topologies.”

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