ProLabs introduces new CFP2-DCO transceivers for 100G / 200G distant alerts

Network operators using CFP2-DCO transceivers can transmit high-efficiency DWDM (Densight Wavelength Division Modulation) signals at data rates of 100 G (or 200 G) up to 80 kilometers without the need for amplification. Coherent optics improve performance in edge and long haul / transport applications such as B. Edge-to-Core or Remote-to-Metropolitan fiber optic runs.

“To achieve the data rates and range required to meet future data needs, the core network infrastructure must evolve despite the cost,” he said Patrick Beard, Chief Technology Officer at ProLabs. “The migration from current configurations to new coherent technologies not only offers immediate and cost-effective relief of 100 G in long-distance bottlenecks, but also creates a reliable basis for scaling to 200 G.”

By incorporating advanced modulation techniques and moving the digital signal processor (DSP) on board the optics, ProLabs has minimized the long-distance impairments associated with high-speed DWDM signals.

ProLabs’ coherent optical solutions are interoperable in environments with switches and routers from Cisco, Dell and Edge-corE, further improving capital costs for cost-conscious site managers.

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