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PS Audio has announced that the Stellar M1200 monoblock power amplifiers are now available in Australia.

The Stellar M1200 mono power amplifiers apparently began as a dream project for the PS Audio engineer. Darren Myers. The word is that Myers wanted to build a power amplifier with no limits or compression for even the loudest passages of music, but wanted to reproduce the most subtle details at home as well. To develop such an amplifier, Myers set out to combine “one of the highest power amplifier stages in the world with a rich and warm vacuum tube input stage”.

The resulting Stellar M1200 has a nominal power of 600 watts at 8 Ω and 1200 watts at 4 Ω and should be stable even at 2 Ω. Under the hood is the ultra-linear high-current ICE Edge Class D technology for the output stage. and a discrete Class A vacuum tube for the entry level. The Class A input stage has a handpicked 12AU7 valve that is powered by its own analog power supply.

The PS Audio Stellar M1200 is available in black or silver and comes in pairs with every monoblock that weighs 12.2 kg. Connectivity is via cinch and balanced XLR inputs as well as a 3.5 mm trigger input. After all, the speaker binding posts are solidly copper-plated.

The Stellar M1200 Mono Power Amplifiers are available now and cost $ 9,995 MSRP per pair.

See PS Audio for more information

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