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“We don’t think there will be an overnight switch from mechanical devices to electronically controlled industrial antennas.”

This is the message conveyed by Michael Stobinski, Chief Commercial Officer of QEST, when he outlined the release of the company’s latest Ka-band antenna solution, which offers significant performance improvements over the previous generation but stays right in the mechanically controlled warehouse.

“The architectures will be consistent, so that in the future there will be many QEST products that are adapted to market requirements and specialized in the LEO market.”

– Michael Seifried, QEST Chief Technology Officer

By adding a new receiver amplifier to the range, QEST claims one of the most powerful antennas on the market, which is optimized for the entire ITU Ka-band range and more cost-effective when using the available spectrum. The offer provides coverage up to an elevation angle of zero degrees (and under certain circumstances, a negative elevation angle) to allow for aircraft banking. It is ready for use with existing mounting systems and radomes.

Other expected features such as dual polarization operations for access to multiple transponders and compatibility with multiple modems are also included.

Michael Seifried, QEST’s Chief Technology Officer, makes it clear that the company focuses on solutions and not on specific architectures. “Our mission is to provide technology and commercialize the access solutions needed to best serve our customers. We are working on the QEST-specific ESA technology. It’s on our roadmap. There will be products in the air. But we also have our existing products. And there will be coexistence for some time to come. “

Despite the new mechanically controlled antenna and the concentration on this part of the market, QEST is also looking to the future. Recently, QEST Antenna Technology (QAT) was spun off as a new company to fully focus on such innovations, including electronically controlled antenna solutions.

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