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GREENSBORO, NC, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Qorvo® (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, is now shipping the world’s first commercially available family of electronically reconfigurable dual-band (S and X-band) GaN power amplifiers (PAs). These patented PAs support a revolutionary change in radar architecture for defense, weather, and commercial avionics.

QPA0007 and QPA0004 are the first commercially available GaN PAs that can be quickly reconfigured for operation between S- and X-band. This allows a single radar platform to be used for multiple applications and provides precise long range and short range capabilities. This makes independent systems superfluous and saves size, weight, performance and costs (SWaP-C). Now designers can drastically reduce the bill of materials and footprint by up to 50% while improving overall performance. The QPA0007 and QPA0004 are available in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) packages and offer higher saturation power (PSAT) and performance enhancement (PAE) compared to conventional switched dual band solutions.

Eric Higham, Advanced Semiconductor Applications / Advanced Defense Systems Service Director, Strategy Analytics, said, “The defense industry is evolving towards a ‘do more with less’ strategy and this places great emphasis on system performance and flexibility. The capabilities and performance advantages of GaN technology make it attractive for all defense applications, especially radar. Qorvo’s long history and leadership in GaN technology and defense applications enable them to develop innovative products like these that support and enable emerging dual band radar solutions. “

Roger Hall, General Manager of Qorvo’s High Performance Systems (HPS) said, “Defense and commercial customers rely on Qorvo’s world-class GaN solutions, and the QPA0007 and QPA0004 are testament to our engineering team’s passion for innovation. Today’s announcement reveals another industry milestone for Qorvo, the first commercially available, reconfigurable GaN PAs to support S-band and X-band radar. This new product family optimizes next-generation radar designs. “

QPA0007 and QPA0004 are now being sampled to qualified customers. These GaN components are optimized for manufacturability and are offered in small 7 x 6 mm and 7 x 4 mm QFN, SMT packages.

To learn more about this innovative new technology, read the blog post titled “Revolutionizing Radar Design with Electronically Reconfigurable GaN Power Amplifiers” on Qorvo.com.

QPA0007 specifications S-band X-band
Frequency range (GHz) 3.1-3.5 9-11
HF power (watt) 32 28
Power gain (dB) 21 18.5
PAE 47% 32%
Package size (mm) 7 × 6
QPA0004 specifications S-band X-band
Frequency range (GHz) 3.1-3.5 9-11
HF power (watt) 9 8th
Power gain (dB) 21 19th
PAE 51% 34%
Package size (mm) 7 × 4

Qorvo offers the industry’s largest and most innovative GaN-on-SiC portfolio to help customers achieve superior efficiency and operational bandwidth. The company’s GaN-on-SiC products offer high power density, reduced size, excellent gain, high reliability, and process maturity. Qorvo is a leading provider of RF products and services for compound semiconductor manufacturing. Qorvo has achieved a Manufacturing Readiness Level 10 (MRL 10) rating from the US Department of Defense.

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