Reconfigurable twin band GaN energy amplifier MMICs enhance the radar structure

QORVO QPA0007 and QPA0004 electronically reconfigurable dual-band (S- and X-band) GaN power amplifiers (PAs) support a change in radar architecture for defense, weather and commercial avionics. The patented devices are commercially available and can be quickly reconfigured for operation between S and X bands. This allows a single radar platform to be used for multiple applications and provides precise long range and short range capabilities. Devices make independent systems superfluous and save size, weight, electricity and costs (SWaP-C). Products reduce the bill of materials and space requirements by up to 50% while improving overall performance. The devices are available in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) housings and offer improved saturation performance (PSAT) and performance enhancement (PAE) compared to conventional switched dual-band solutions.

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