Repairs to VHF radio methods close to Southeast and South-Central Alaska

VHF channel 16

JUNEAU, Alaska – The network problem that was causing intermittent communications outages across Southeast Alaska was resolved on Friday.

Repairs are ongoing, but due to the extreme weather and remote locations, there are likely to be intermittent failures in various locations.

Locations where the US Coast Guard is still unable to receive communications from or with intermittent VHF communications include Mt. McArther, Deception Hills, Sukkwan Island, Althorp Peak, Cape Gull, and Raspberry Island.

The Coast Guard urges seafarers to exercise particular caution in areas served by the VHF towers listed above.

Seafarers are reminded that due to the mountainous terrain and limited VHF coverage, even with fully operational VHF locations, the Coast Guard will not be able to hear VHF calls in all areas. Seafarers should have secondary means of communication on board at all times, submit a swimming plan to a trusted person, and have safety equipment on board in case you find yourself in a survival situation.

As always, boaters should carefully evaluate their ability to assist seafarers in need and always relay any emergency calls heard to the Coast Guard.

The following phone numbers can be used to contact the Coast Guard in an emergency:

  • Juneau Command Center Sector: 907-463-2980
  • Sector Anchorage Command Center: 907-428-4100
  • 17. District Command Center: 907-463-2000

Diagrams showing the locations of Alaska VHF tower locations can be found on the Coast Guard Navigation Center websites here:

The Weekly Navigator Local Advisories (LNMs) in Section I, Special Advisories, indicate malfunctioning VHF locations. This is a weekly release and is not considered real-time information:®ion=17

For media inquiries regarding the VHF outages, please contact the D17 Public Affairs Office at 907-463-2065.


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