Resolution on the Wilton emergency radio system anticipated shortly

WILTON – Officials say a decision on the city’s emergency radio system is expected next month.

Earlier this year, Police Chief John Lynch and other city officials debated whether to either replace their emergency radio system with a new, stand-alone system or join the state’s system.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderlsice said a new, stand-alone system would cost about $ 2.5 million, while inclusion in the state system would cost about $ 4 million. At least that was their first assessment.

Paul Zito, owner of New England Radio Consultants, was hired to look into the two options for the communications system.

“Zito is working with the fire department who want a repeat channel,” said Wilton Police Capt. Thomas Conlan on Monday at the last meeting of the police commission.

Conlan said the fire department only had one channel. If they were fighting a large building fire or a fire in multiple vehicles, it would be beneficial to have a secondary channel to communicate through one of the suggested options for the emergency radio system.

Conlan suspects a final decision will be made by the next police commission meeting on July 12th.

Conlan said the transition process could take “about a year” and indicated that it would require training.

Conlan said that since it is a tied project, the funds will be released immediately once the decision is made and if voters approve in September.

“After the vote, we can start hiring vendors immediately,” said Conlan. “We don’t have to wait until July.”

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