Sapulpa Board of Adjustment approves the development of a mobile antenna exterior the town middle

The Sapulpa Board of Adjustment has unanimously approved the construction of a new cellular antenna on a small commercial property west of the city center, which is intended to significantly improve cellular reception for customers of several cell phone providers in the city center.

AT&T officials said they picked a small area on the corner of Mounds Street and Dewey Avenue because it was the best piece of commercial real estate that met the criteria they were looking for.

“No other locations outside of the Historic District meet the requirements,” they said in their request for a derogation, which required them to contact the Adjustment Committee to clarify their case.

Sapulpa Board of Adjustment chairman Rick Engleman expressed concern that the antenna would be located near one of the city’s main thoroughfares, but agreed with the others that the need for a stronger cellular signal becomes more important as Sapulpa continues to attract new residents and businesses to the inner city through the inner city master plan. City Planning Director Nikki Howard called the move to install another antenna “absolutely necessary”.

The location of the promised cell phone mast.

John Mark Young was the only other who questioned the location of the antenna and asked the complainant if they had considered placing it on the hill north of town instead. One of the representatives named John explained that they already had towers on this hill and that it would not be beneficial to add another one in the same place.

“We’re trying to design the network in a grid with a certain distance between the towers to ensure load balancing,” he said. “You get a bit busy, we can switch to another. We’re in a hole right there, there’s nothing within a mile. This will enable us to do something that comes closer to the demand-driven use. “

AT&T claimed the location was almost perfect because it was close to downtown without being in the middle of it. “We were lucky, there is a small feature to the west that helps us. The closer we get, the better. “

The only conditions the board required were that the antenna should not be surrounded by a chain-link fence, but a wooden privacy-style fence; and that AT&T does the landscaping around the tower. The applicant agreed. Immediately after approval, they applied for a building permit, saying the process still had a few steps on their side, but the space was a “high priority” location and could be completed in 2022.

See the before and after

These “heatmap” -style graphics show the cell coverage before and after the planned tower.

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