Small cell antenna used for 5G cell phones. The web service is displayed rather than the sunshine pole within the Aurora neighborhood – CBS Denver

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Maureen Macarthur noticed some workers in the front yard of her house in Aurora on Monday and asked them what they were up to.

“They said they were changing the light pole,” says Maureen.

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(Credit: CBS)

She went back to work in her house and didn’t think about it. This light pole had stood at the end of her driveway for years, but when she left her house it was a very different scene from what she was used to.

“I came out and I looked and I had this,” she says, referring to a tall green metal lamp post with a wide base.

It’s still a light pole, but it’s also a small cellular antenna that is used for 5G cellphones and internet services, and it’s very different from the old post. For one thing, Maureen says, it’s much wider, which makes it difficult for them to get larger vehicles out of their driveway.

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“This thing hinders what I want to do for a living,” Maureen says.

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Maureen says she planned to buy an RV and park it in her driveway because you can’t park her on the street in Aurora. Now she won’t be able to get him into the driveway because of that tower and has given up on that dream.

She wants the tower and street lamp combination to move. “Even if they put them in the back yard, I would be fine.”

The city of Aurora says some of Maureen’s property is in the right of way, defined as 7 to 11 feet from the gully. CBS4’s Michael Abeyta helped Maureen measure how far the tower was from the end of the sidewalk. It landed anywhere between 9 and 11 feet depending on where the tower starts or ends.

(Credit: CBS)

The city also sent a letter to Maureen’s address confirming the installation of the small cell. Even so, Maureen feels that her rights as the owner have been violated and she wants the tower to be gone, but she doesn’t know if that will ever happen. She feels a little hopeless.

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“How do you fight? A single person fighting a big company … I need help. “

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