Sound Be aware: Within the occasion of a dispute, NBC can watch Arts and Leisure without cost with an aerial

Q. Did you know Mediacom subscribers can no longer watch NBC? Mediacom is in an argument with TEGNA, and ironically, it happened after they increased my rates by about 20%. My TV and internet service costs (I have a rundown package that is nowhere near the most expensive) has increased 100% in less than 4 years!

It’s ridiculous that we don’t get a big network like NBC, especially after all these price hikes. Not Sunday Night Football I guess.

– AP, Orono, Minnesota

A. Disputes between media companies and cable and satellite providers are relatively common. Both sides complain and point their fingers at the other because they cannot come to an agreement that is mutually acceptable. I’ve had the experience that over time the disputes are resolved (usually a few weeks at most) and the channels return, but it’s the viewers who pay the price as they miss their favorite show as the prices keep rising.

You can watch NBC for free with an antenna, and I recommend that. If you go to and enter your zip code, the site recommends the correct antenna for your area and the distance and direction from the transmission towers. A medium-sized outdoor directional antenna is recommended for your postcode 55356. This will likely cost several hundred dollars if professionally installed, and I think it’s a worthwhile investment as it will protect you from future cable company outages, at least for large networks. You can try an indoor antenna first to see if it does the job. The $ 119 Antop AT-500SBS ( and Antennas Direct’s ClearStream MAX-V indoor / outdoor antenna with optional stand ( for $ 75 have a good chance of getting the signal to be coordinated at your location.

Given your frustration with the cable bill versus the value received, it seems like you are about to cut the cable. An antenna that pulls in many channels makes this much easier. I have a couple of friends who were shocked at how many channels they could get with their antenna and when combined with a couple of streaming services, they don’t miss any cable at all. Subscriptions to streaming services can easily add up, but they already had Amazon Prime for shipping and their Disney + package for $ 12.99 with Hulu and ESPN + combined with standard Netflix for $ 13.99 and HBO Max for $ 14.99, she keeps all the programs you want under $ 50 per month.

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