South Korea finds 378 corporations falsified data of communication units

South Korea revoked conformity assessments of around 1,696 communication devices from 378 companies, including Samsung Electronics Co. and China’s Huawei Technologies Co., for falsified test protocols.

According to the country’s radio wave law, companies should verify the effects of their communications equipment on other devices and the human body through compliance assessments before manufacturing, selling, or importing them.

The Department of Science and ICT said the companies have submitted test reports allegedly issued by the U.S. Bureau of Bay Area Compliance Laboratories (BACL), a global testing and certification organization.

On closer inspection, however, it turned out that these actually came from his Chinese offices.

South Korea recognizes test results from the US-based BACL, but not from the organization’s Chinese offices.

While the companies argued that they were not involved in making the test records, regardless of their intent, the reviews were still open to cancellation.

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that the equipment is not allowed to be sold and that companies will not receive new conformity assessments for this equipment for a year.

It was the first time the ministry canceled conformity assessments.

Chinese closed-circuit TV camera maker Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Tech Co. set the highest number of false records with 224. The Chinese drone manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co. landed in second place with 145, followed by Huawei with 136.

Samsung Electronics finished 10th with 23 false records.

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